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What We Do



We work with packhouses, coolstores, marketing companies, trucking and shipping organisations, shops and supermarkets to implement Ethylene Control procedures.

Our first action is always to provide our customers with a detailed analysis of their specific concerns relating to Ethylene contamination using scientific data as a basis to minimise risk and maximise profitability.

We manage every aspect of the Ethylene Control process for our Customers using our Everfresh product range.

We have specific solutions for every point in the cool-chain where Ethylene is likely to negatively impact the quality of the produce prior to sale to the consumer.


Who We Are


We are a New Zealand owned and operated company located in Hastings, Hawkes Bay.

We specialise in Ethylene Control of fresh produce.

Our people are from the horticultural industry – we understand the causes and consequences of Ethylene contamination at every point in the cool-chain, from orchard to market.

Our trained staff offer a skilled technical service with prompt attention to customer needs.

We employ people who understand your industry, speak your language, so we are able to provide the exact solution to your Ethylene Control requirements.

All of our products are manufactured locally, this means a more competitive price structure and faster service delivery.