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The Concept

Less waste, better taste and better value for money


Much of the produce in the home refrigerator is sensitive to the presence of even very low levels of ethylene gas. Many produce types emit significant levels of ethylene. The domestic refrigerator acts as an enclosed ‘trap’ for the ethylene gas given off by fresh produce thereby quickening the ripening process.

beFresh neutralises ethylene gas in the home refrigerator – more than doubling the fridge life of the stored produce.  beFresh keeps fresh produce crisper, fresher and tastier for several weeks longer.  It delays wilting and yellowing of leafy green vegetables and decreases decay and wastage in most fruit types.

You can now declare your refrigerator an ‘ethylene gas free zone’ by keeping a beFresh pack in the crisper draw of your fridge.

There are an increasing number of reports and debates in both national and international arenas discussing the very nature of organic waste and its effect on the greater carbon footprint. It must be noted that food wasted in the home has a direct bearing on the overall supply chain inclusive of  wasted packaging, unnecessary labour, transport and landfill requirements.

Everfresh have taken it upon themselves to try and assist in this area and have developed ‘beFresh’ for use in the home to reduce domestic, organic waste.

Use beFresh and join the fight against Ethy Lene, Diva of Decay who tempts fresh and innocent fruit and vegetables into an early compost.

Rottin Fruit with Ethylene


beFreshTM is a proprietary technology and has patents applied for.